Hi humans.

Rest of the papers is in afew days time! Friday’s gonna be Sci & Art. Screw both ): And oh, english sucks.

//here’s for Lina.

Okay Lina, now you hates Cheryl as you think she copy your art? I can just totally swear to you that i did not copy. I mean, if i copy people’s work, i could have copy minjun’s ? Cus i admit hers is fabulous work okay.

Plus, when i looked at your art, you havent even conpleted your mindmap, so how can copy ?! You trynn’a say i read mind uh ?

Then where did i get my idea from ? i got it from the picture below.

Obviously, when it comes to dream, this thing would always first pop up in my mind. Maybe you think the same too ? I don’t know, honestly.

And you say sense of orginality.
Then, think again. If you’re copying people’s sci or maths work that is, is that much sense or orginality ? And also, issn’t that copying also ?

Or, example, if you got a bag from korea, then you saw another person have it too. You trying to say that the person copy because the person have the same bag ? And then again, it means that coincidence don’t exist lah ?

Then if it doesn’t exist, why is it in the dictionary in the first place ?

Believe or not? Up to you. I have done my part explaining.
As quoted, “Never explain to anyone. Because, the person who loves you does not need it and the person who dislikes you won’t believe it.”

And it links: People judges through their eyes.

So again, it’s whether you wanna believe it or not, up to you.

And oh, i am hereby saying that i am gonna use the theme pig for my art, i have alrdy made it clear, so if you happen to use pig for your theme, don’t say i copy now .

And Beaunice, thanks for believing me, i really need that .
Don’t believe some suckers on what they say about you, they’re just jealous okay. You are definitely not what as described . That’s just totally absurd.

love you kay.

Exams are really boring. I hate to study honestly. Can’t exams get over soon ?!
And, h1n1 flu is horrible. Sighs, what has the world get into ? Plus global warming, has made everyday i horribly hot day and then sometimes, it randomly just rain O:

That’s all. byebye .