Hi humans,

I really enjoyed my day!

First, thanks Qisi for reminding me to blog (lol?)
Second, Esther toh, i swing people’s mood well! 😀

Okay so, thanks people, for sacrifising your time. Though i wanted it to be a whole clique thing, but still, thanks you all leh 😀
Beaunice; despite not having much left, thanks for spending it on today!
Lina & Minjun; despite not wanting to watch ’17again’, thanks for watching it with me 😀
Ches,Tits,Eug; thanks for the early presents, they’re(as in the presents) lovely!

Oh and, 17 again is a nice show! Funny yet sad. Worth watching. Let me rate it… HMMMM… 3.5/5? And Gin is seriously as shy as ever, hahahah!

with love,