So hi humans.

Cheryl did not go school today. Wanna know why ? (kpo!)

-wakes up and look at clock-
Cheryl: OH SHUCKS, It’s 6.40 and i’m uber late!!!!
Mum: You having so bad block nose and flu lah, don’t go school today.
-looks at mum with gratitude then called Beaunice and went back to sleep-

So apparently, i have been ahhh-chooing, and nose being “blocked” the whooleeee day. Poor me *self pity* . Andand, i hope i didn’t missed out muchh from school today O:

So today at home was absolutely boring.And thanks Beaunice & Lina for the ‘getwellsoonS’.

Say YAY, i am excited about tomorrow! And just 5 more days 😀

So yah, pictures coming right up..

Beaunice was drying her hand O: Don’tkillme T.T

Lina was staring at me, hahaha! (was camwhoring while beaunice went to the toliet)

Lina & Cheryl (:

Last but not least, the cutest shih tzu ever —– PEPPER!

Okay so, byebye.
Goodluck to you, all the best.