Hi .

Nope, no more doing of complicated pictures from photoshop. Not after 3 hours of work doing a picture that looks fugly. (:

Hmm, few days back.

Let’s start from mom’s bday. (Friday)
We went to some buffet lunch at a hotel to eat, went to shop around, and chnged my phone into some fugly phone. Samsung ultra touch is sooo much nicer . (long story) At night, went to eat supper with family (+cousins and relative). Chloe jiejie bought her boyf-to-be with us, haha. Not bad lah, 6 pecks one 😀 After supper, we went to The Carven. Hmm, it’s a damn nice place to hang out 😀

Then saturday.
Had maths lesson. At night went to Tampines 1, the new shopping. Big but boring, i guess.

Oh, sunday.
Went to pray, due to qing ming jie. Then, went to Jurong shopping center, tower 2. Ohhh, it’s a very nice place 😀

Nothing much today. More of a normal routine. And, monday blueeees. Sighhhhhhs.
And oh, i see no wrong in clipping up fringe right ?! Fringe catches dirt , and next have pimple problem! Sooooo, i will laugh at you when you have damn lots of it, short fringe fat pig 😀
Okay, my life is toooo boring.

(the black thing is pepper fyi.)

Cyaa people.