CB, lol!

Hihi humans and pigs and cows and aliens and dogs and cats and the list go on ..
Appearantly, someone misses Cheryl’s (the great great) post. muahahahah@! Sorry, got the evil genes inside me D:

So this week has just been another normal routine week. So let me sum it up..
School and homeworks, sci quiz and for geog test 18/25! Went Eugene’s house for geog proj, Peanut steals idea O:!! And his mum is friendly~ So far, i haven’t been sleeping in class this week. Keep it up! And also, i know that common tests (bio and chi) are yet to arrive.

Great. I am having the best time using retarded signs to message. sooo sooo great. ‘greatness’ within like no other -.-!!

Today, had maths supp lesson. Beaunice thought that lessons were at 9 instead of 8 and therefore, she was late. Lina didn’t come. Awwwwh, missed cosplay at Liang Court. Too lazy to step my foot out of the house after going in.

So Esther, i posted! Happy, elated, euphoria ?! πŸ˜€
Hmm, this week was pretty great except the phone spoiling part. And and, i just finished Eclipse, i want to read Breaking Dawn soon! Yey, New moon’s movie out on Nov!

Soso, cya people πŸ˜€