Happy Birthday, Beaunice!

Muahahahaha, you are yet another year older. I find it a joy to laugh at you (< Okay, just kidding! Study harder okay, hope you get your dream results by year end πŸ˜€ Cheryl loves you, awwwwh!

Okay, it’s such a boring day despite first day of school. Lessons were just another normal routines, and i didnt sleep today. This proves that i am on the road of being a good girl πŸ˜€ Andand, recess is such a joy !

Lessons ended and we went to Pasta Mania. I had my mushroom soup as i wasnt hungry πŸ˜€ Walked around, went to library. Me and beaunice had such a great fun discusing geography project. Gonna have more discussion on geog proj tml .

After that, went to Old Chang Kee to get some food. I told the person ” I want Chicken Mushroom BALL” and we headed to slack at somewhere. That was when i realised the OCK aunty gave me Chicken Mushroom Currypuff. Totally wth -.- Oh well, maybe i should emphazise next time so i will go like that : “I want Chicken Mushroom BALL, B-A-L-L/ QIU(in chinese)!” (:

Oh oh, and and, remember! You have been pwned by Cheryl unconditionally, anytime, everytime. HAHA, KIDDING!

Ps/ i want my subway cookie ):

And Cheryl’s post end here, byebye!