Hiehie humans or aliens or whatever (:

Okay yah, so you read my title huh. (if not, open your eyes and read now! (:)
So, only me, Lina, Beaunice and Youbin were present. The rest, for some reason, could not make it.

Heh, yet again, i am first to reach!! -shows proud face- Then went to met Lina and Youbin. Waited for Beaunice. Birthday girl is big, so can reach last, LOL. Joking. Anyways, i wore black and white today, so pratically, Lina pass me her wear-black-and-white virus O: O: O:!!

Okay so, back to the point.
Went to book ticket for movie. Wanted ‘Hotel for Dogs’ but freaking Shaw only showing 4 movies! Wth ): (ESTHEEEERRR, I WANT WATCH LEEEEH):) then, was annoyed. So got tickets for ‘Mall Cop’ instead. While awaiting for the movie to began, we went to take neoprint! 😀 Well, those neos are seriously nice, but i am too lazy to scan them in. Hmm, i shall scan it to comp soon, so i can use it as msn dp 😀

Hmm, about ‘Mall Cops’.
Seriously, i think it’s yet just another comedy movie. I would rate it 2.5/5 . Well, but the bond between the father & daughter is touching, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

After that, went opposite bugis to hunt for steamboat. Oh great, my foot started to hurt alot thanks to the shoe, regretted wearing that lah, curses and swear! BACK BACK~~> Soso, we found a small lil ‘restaurant’ by scissors paper stone-ing to decide which store we should eat . The chicken-based soup is totally oiishi-ness!! We had fun chatting, gossiping etc etc(can you believe guys gossip too ?!). Okay, when they announced that our bill was 88 bucks in total, our face went -SHOCK- . Nevermind, we enjyed anyways~

Then went to walk around at bugis street~ Saw alot of nice stuff ): ARGH, i am officially broke lahhhhh, my pig was kind of enormous, and now it is super skinny! (obviously it’s my piggy bank.) It’s a skinny pig O: Too bad but i must resist the temptation of shopping at bugis street again till i feed my pig with enough money, and that is i-dont-know-when TT!

After that, homed (:
Today’s sucha nice day ~
(most pictures are with Beaunice, and being a kind Cheryl, i wont post candids! So i am gonna post neo’s and others from beaunice asap. )

Cheryl Lina & beaunice 😀

love this pic o.o

Some random shots taken on the bussy 😀

School holiday’s ending O:
Sad yet happy for some reason, heh. Kind of missed school, yet kind of dont want school holiday to end. Andand, i”m left with art and 1 more topic for science.