Hiehie humans (:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday + today.
So many days pass! Time pass so fast ):

Hmm, actually, i don’t know what to blog about.

Kay, lets say about the dropping marble thingy.
At night, at wee hours, I hear marble droppng making the bong bong bong sound~ Well, i kinda saw it on some random forum so decided to post about it πŸ˜€ Okay so, most of the singaporeans experience it. Andand, out i found out about it is that, contractors that build our houses put metal balls in the middle of the ceilings for expension and contraction during day and night, so the ceilings wont crack so easily.
Butbut, what about pushing of chairs etc?

Yupyup. So about today now πŸ˜€

Met with Gin, then met Lina and Youbin. First impression that came to us was, COUPLE SUIT xD Black and white uh. Cute, cute :X

Soso, walked around at Bugis street, but no intention in mind. Walked aimlessly, then walked to Bugis mall . Shopped around, saw something really nice πŸ˜€ Bought it. It’s a preseeeeent, hohohoho~ Went to eat at Sakae, was a super laughable process. (Gin says that Youbin looks older then 20, LOL. Andand, the way Lina sits xD)

So overall, today was kinda funny πŸ˜€ Andand, i spent alot too, sighs.

Okay, 1 week holidays are coming to an end. Time pass so fast lah~
I’m left with science and art for homework. Which which means, i have done my maths already, yayness πŸ˜€

Oh, i haven’t cut my hair):

Plus, dad says we’re going Taiwan during June’s, which means lotsa shopping, wooohoooo [x!

So shall end here, byebye~