Hiehie (:

You know, Pepper is almost a year old alrdy. Okay, 3 more months, means she’s 9 months old. (She’s born on 25th may oheight)

Haha, to me,she hadn’t grow any bigger-.- Just, fatter! AAHAHAHAHA. -laughs at pepper- But nevermind, she look darn cute like that. I bet nobody can see that she’s 9 months old (x hehehehe .

ohoh, and she’s darn naughty nowadays! Okay maybe she’s naughty since last year -.-

Science; oops, caught for sleeping in class.
Recess; only 3 people(including me) from clique came down, so shared place with germaine etc. Projectwork,
Maths; stress uh!
English; WA still sucks.
and geog; Got test, uh damn, hope don’t flunk it ):

After school, celebrated birthday for Teetos!
-Happy Birthday (:
Oh, we bought a cake, actually, we alrdy ‘booked’ it ytd. Hmm then, sang song, and ate cake. Let me tell you all that Beaunice & titus are the ‘best and most experience’ cake cutter! LOL . But anws, the cake was nice.

Hmm, went to eat and then went home. Cleared table today for ptm on thurs and i brought home alot alot alot of books, darn heavy!

Holidays are in less then a week time! But before that, PTM ): I wonder if Susan tan will complain that i always sleep in class /: Argh, hell no! I love bio so you can’t do this to me ): !!! But its a fact that her lessons are real real real real boring.

Holidays are kind of planned alrdy.
Monday- Sci proj.
Tues- Tuition and doc.
So means, i am free on wednesday onwards! 😀 Yayness. But i hope there’s not like a whole stack of work ): Not mentally prepared! Brain kinda need brainjuice restalling!

(will post pictures later, stay tune!)

If its meant to be, it’s meant to be (:
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