Met Gin, headed to City hall, met pig. Went to buy tickets for ‘marley&me’ then went to subway. Subway cookie is the love 😀 Walked around before the movie start, and then suddenly rain like there’s no tomorrow. In other words, its darn heavy !

‘Marley and me’ is superb (:
Though though, i was feelin’ sleepy at the first part of the movie (kind of boring i think?) But the last part .. -amazed- i .. i cried ): It somehow made me miss Feebee .. And i should love Pepper more O: No worries, Cheryl is a strong girl, what do you think ? (< Okay, i think its fabulous. AND YAY, FINALLY A MOVIE 😀 I want more movies ):

Went to eat, then went home.


Today;Sunset took from my house(only 2MP camera-.-)

School today was normal, super boring as usual . I was feelin’ darn sleepy today, therefore abit moody/: Geog was the best today, Mrs Ang showed us video for the whole lesson and i ended up in my own lala land~ 😀 And and, i am happy, i got 39&thehalf for physics CT! 😀 ~

Ohoh, did i mention PTM is coming? Yeah, its on the 12th May ):

Anws, aft school, i was more sleepy -yawns-
Headed to cafe cartel, waited till 1.30. It’s kinda embarrasng cus we were there like 12.50 ? yup -.- Then after that, we headed back to school, i ended up accompany Beaunice for class deco and ended up being in lala land AGAIN on some random people’s desk. After that, we headed to the playground, and spent the rest of our time there. Camwhored with Beaunice, but failed):
Afterwhich, homed (:

The whole evening, i pratically didn’t do anything, except editing pictures. Despite having tingxie(cher’ have nth better to do) and maths test tml. -SIGHS-

Random facts: I have been drinking super super, and i meant really super lots of water this few days! Good or bad? hmm..

I stare up at the stars
I wonder just where you are
You feel a million miles away
-Tongue tied

And, bye.