Hi candies and marshmellows~

(Some random shot)

I am back for a good-for-nothing post (:

Firstly, my day started with Beaunice calling me while she was behind me and yet i didn’t know it -.- Okay, then we proceeded for maths remedial. -Sighs-, one chunk of maths homeworks. And, i don’t know how to create the rap. I am bad at it -.-If someone would be so kind to help .

Went to eat at mac’s after that.
Gossip gossip, and more gossip (: And do note that, i really enjoy spending my time with true friends (ohbtw, i dont mean anything). And then went home.

Spent my suckish afternoon for Elliot’s bday. He’s 3 now~
Though, i must admit that its very very very boring, and i somehow did my maths homework at the playground for 20 mins or so, and it started to rain . So, went in the room, stoned at the wall @.@ Well, that’s my afternoon O:

(look, i have my pencilcase, calculator, and books withh me :D!)

At night, it was pretteh cool.(which is now)
Chatting with my dad, playing word games, gossiping etc. Was even saying how was i gonna celebrate myy birthday, but no ideas out yet. Though, its still a long way to go. However, time pass so fast. Today’s th last day of febuary. 2 month’s gone. Sometimes, i really can’t catch up time.

“Nothing endures, but changes”
PS, know that i dislike stuckups.