Hi cows, pigs, humans and people(:

I am having really really bad eyes these days! ohmygosh. Okay, i think i know the cause, i have been sleeping really really really late these days lah, like sleeping at 12am and waking up at 5.40. Can you imagine like how tired i always am in school ? Well, i really really have no choice but to fall asleep if i cannot stay awake.

Oh, the next question you are gonna ask is, ‘wth, you sleep so late yourself and yet you complain!’
Butbut, these days are very very very busy and last minute with homeworks. After school, when i get home, i am really tired, and ‘bong’, pratically fell asleep-.- Then at night, i have to rush for homework, like afew days ago, i was rushing for art, D&T and ytd rushing for science ctest. How horrible. I wish i can sleep early ):

It’s my source of staying awake in class 😀 Butbut, i’ve run out of sweets . I am soooo gonna get one whole pile some day man .

Today, reached school, i started reading my science notes once i land on my chair.
Yesterday, cheryl have been a super ‘hard working’ girl writing out notes for science from textbook . Okay, say me dumb that i have notes and yet i am copying.. I totally forget to bring my sci file home. I am dumbbbb . But ytd, i had fun studying. First time in my life!

Okay, so, had science test.
I hate it when i panic at test, my mind will go blank, graaaaaaah. That’s what happen tday. Frankly, i must admit that the test questions are based on notes that i have yet to memorise, but my mind when blank. total blank. Though i did all the questions, i think i have forgot to eleborate! now, cross fingers for science test! I really wanna do well in science ):

Then, had chinese compo.
It was about like something you felt apologetic about. I somehow managed to come up with a story about ‘mum, i am sorry'(translation). What i wrote was crap, super emotic. Blaaaah. My chinese have been deproving constantly .

When school ended, went to lunch with Lina at pastamania.
She is very scary! She is, cheese monster! ROFL. She spawn cheese on her whole entire pizza, very very very scary lah O: And, mushroom rocks. Mushroom turns my grey life into brown! Kidding, but mushroom is really very nice 😀

Andand, Wendy sucks big time!
Have to pass proj tml and then she gave us alot alot alot alot of crap. And, i meant, ALOT.

I have not forgotten this, Happy 5th month, sisters!
love you guys.

Cheryl .
you make my day~