Hello pigs or cows πŸ˜€

I seriously still think you suck alot alot lor. not only alot, but really alot ! Ayes, why am i making my blog dirty O:

Anws, i have a sudden urge of blogging! Thats why i am here (duh). But i wish i have the same urge for doing my hw/studying ): Wahahahaha, i love being no link πŸ˜€

Headed to school like any normal lala day. Today, i was extremely uberly ultraly whatever-ly tired . I tried my very very best to keep awake, though i actually thought of not going school, but i dont wanna miss lessons ):

I thought that i will get to sleep in English lessons, but in the end, did not . So pig lah, we were doing something on whatever compre thing and then our vidualizer spoil . 30 mins of eng gone . But i still dont know i didnt sleep during english .

After that , when eng bell sound, wendy ang was still in class, two 3 peace people came in. Totally made us laugh until stomach pain . They were like pulling up their pants to act like some lower sec and doing funneh actions . Then after that, jenny ang came in and she didnt realise anything ! When they were gone, jenny ang played some video. Could not stay up any longer as it was dead boring, and next minute, goodnight .

Oh shucks, there’s alot of homework today O: I hope to sleep early ):

baibai .