Hello humans, decided to update a little.

Morning had assembly,
welcomed the shenyang to our school. Then had this act by act3 on mediation. Well, its boring yet funny, and i think mediation is darn cool, i dont know why o.o Oh yah, sec3s are officially back from obs~

Had recess, then Geog. Geog was totally boring, b-o-r-i-n-g, and i realised geog test is next week(: Science, went computer lab. School computer is not only lag, it is super duper horribly lag thankyoubyebyeseeyou.

Chinese, teacher totally xiasuey-ed himself infront of the shenyang students, darn hilarious, hahaha mansxz . Last period, the oh-so-boring-and-sucky English. Nothing much boring for today as it was just compo. But i think i -fill in the blanks- , as we had to write a personal recount, and i totally remembered everything from chinese lesson and translate it into english 😀

Had lunch, a realleeeyy big mountain of fries at mac. So we played ‘zhong ji mi ma’, whoever lose eats 5 fries. It’s ludicrous, riotous, hysterical, roll; all have the same meaning as funny -acting chim O:- Okay, then went home (:

It’s damn random when inmatard videocall-ed, seb’s face? err… -.-

Okay, pictures 😀 (all from cny)

tell me i dont look like my mum, or i do ? o.o

withlove .