Hello humans,
Cheryl is bored, therefore decided to post (:

Time passes real real fast . Its like only start of the week, yet its ending already ! O: Which reminds me, sec 3s are coming back soon~

Test today are; Lit, science, chinese.
Lit is about some cloony clown unseen poem crapo, Physics test was alright, chinese is damn freaking hilarious πŸ˜€ We did something, yet i think my chinese test will be ‘not-so-good-score’.

English sucks.
Especially if english is taught by some supermarket busdriver. Her lessons are totally boring, she have random and lame moodswing. I dont know whats wrong with changing place or whistling(the boys), but she can actually take it as a big matter and scolded crap for 15 mins. She give us worksheet and flash the answer on the screen to rush us to copy (cus she say tml got test and ‘preparing’ us by asking us to copy answers?!)

Oh yah, so there’s English and Geog(?) test tomorrow.

Random fact: Think i should kick the habbit of sleeping in the afternoon lah. Think its another cause of insomia? maybe so . I’m so energetic now, i wonder how am i going to sleep early when its 11 ready? haha, btw, i woke up at 7.40 this afternoon as i slept unknowningly at 5(?) ._.

Oh yes, i am pure hyper this week, i dont know why.
Or maybe, i do ? HAHA . And and, to those who are sad/moodless, cheerup okay! πŸ˜€

I think i’m over mad, as in mad the song, i am not mad, you are mad. -laughs at whoever who read this-

Chatting with Gin now, exchanging songs, catching up on life. Really hope to see her soon!
Cheryl misses Gin hell loads x3~