Hi humans (:

Hmm, idk what to blog about but i really wanna blog but i really don’t know what to blog ):

Lets see ..
It’s only Febuary and testS are running aimlessly, ps i don’t even know what am i talking . Oh yah, but there’s testS . Science test this thursday, Geog test next week, and Chinese test tomorrow. Yupyup, fingers cross, books out, STUDY .

“Cheryl is gonna work hard this year. “

Oh yah, temperature taking. I don’t know why must there be temperature taking every year, its like the temperature cannot determine eeach health in just a day huh ? And, i found my themometer but it has no more batteries . Oh well /:

After school. Me and Lina went to police station to make some report. Everyone was laughing when Lina told the police what happen (well including me). Well its better not to say out. And after that, saw inmatard -ahems- mentos -ahems- ~ Then then, went to mac eat with Zhengxuan and Lina, awhile later W & Ahjie came (: It’s been so long i’ve meet with ahjie. Seriously seriously miss you lah jie !

Slacked and slacked, went to Library .
Damn you mansxz bloodeeeeh librarian, if you hadn’t ask us to change place, nothing would have happen . And those idiots, seriously, don’t take things which are not bloodeh fishing yours lah. Imagine people take your phone, then you will be like “YAY MY PHONE KENA STOLEN” is it? -.- Eff you mansxz, go die .

It’s not bad getting sick once in awhile. It’s a monthly thing (:
And and, 气死 ~

A year, but it’s okay ,
Cheryl .