Hello humans (:

i dislike you, ass . Totally ruin my mood. But heh, why would i let such an ass to ruin my precious mood? Naaaah, no way mansxz .

Okay so, Happyy Chinese Ox Year! πŸ˜€

Yay, this newyear totally . I am not spending my no-life time at home staring infront of my computer browsing through blogskins, though i was tempted too. And, i’m coding a skin halfway, simplicity (: It’ll be my very next blogskin .

Hong baos & more hong baos.
Reunion dinner was lousy . In terms on food & environment . Guess what, it’s on mt Faber (: But after dinner, we spent time looking at scenery. it’s very pretteh . I wanna go ontop on mt Faber again πŸ˜€

Though, its rather sad that rashes have came back for no whatever reasons, i can’t take seafood, not even the balls(please dont think sick), like Crabball& Prawnballs ): Heck it lah .

First day of cny; blah, i always love first day. There’s alot of visiting = alot of angbaos, yayness . Yeah, first day was my mum’s side . It’s so cool as i love my cousins hell lot, especially jojo (:
Second day; just normal visiting. Very sian as next day have school!

Well, i decided not to eleborate much as cnys are always the same, but this year, i got 226 bucks.

Today, woke up late. However, i managed to catch my bussy πŸ˜€
School was oh-that-normal . I am a good girl and i did not sleep in class today. As one of my resolutions is to score well, i must listen attentively and do my best to stay awake ! πŸ˜€ It’s so sian, after cny = alot of homework + testS ):

Dance. We were late by 10 minutes, totally embarrasing lah! Hhaahs . Today’s was damn tiring, preparation for friday’s . Ayes, toysoldier yet again! Anws, SYF is darn cool!

photoshopping is fun~

yeap all for now,
cheryl .