It’s so irritating & i’m irritated, ARGH .
I’ve already ranted it at somewhere else, and i’m totally fine now thanks to bubblegum & nf(b3 h0n0ur3ddxzxd!) 😀

Lets leave it like this : Sudden breakdown & moodswing .
Yeap, thats it .

Hello, a short post .

Everything has not been right lately . CNY’s afew days time, & reunion dinner <3!

I hope everything will be fine soon yah . After camp, i have been real tired especially during class . Lucky teachers are understanding enough to let us sleep O: And today, after geog, i slept so soundly luh. CNY performance today was boring in my personal opinion .

& Beaunice, i didn’t mean to just walk off O: I just wanted to find MJ but she went back , sorry okay 😀 and i was irritated over some matter too .

Pepper is cute (:

Yup thats all,
Byebye ~