Hello Humans .

2nd day of school .
How’s school ? School’s fine . However, i really missed holidays already . I’ve to wake up like 5.40 everyday , omg . But though, school’s kinda cool too, with friends (: Oh, we even got our school diary . It’s yellow & green, and i dont really like it . (i’d rather it be white and black xD)

This year’s t’cher is kinda fill-in-the-blanks , almost all the teachers are like so into our right attire, hair and skirt and such . You know, even minjun’s hair can be caught (though the teacher who caught her is kinda speechless at her hair).

So, school’s kinda alright, except almost every teacher commenting complaining on our attire -.- It’ll be much cooler without that . However, mrs/ms/mdm manning is so, idk-how-to-describe-her . Haha, she can be so funny for one moment, and scary for next . Mood swing ? o.o

After school , actually we wanted to wait for Beaunice, so we went to go around the school looking at those sec ones camp activity xD It’s damn funny especially at the blind maze -.- Omg, i said words i shouldn’t have say, gonna be dead during camp D: Okay, shall not eleborate much .

After that, we kinda went too canteen & beaunice told us that she’s gonna end at 3pm , so we proceeded to Claris’ house . A long ride there . Didn’t did much, pratically watched teevee and played with Juno . Okay, Juno’s cute, pepper’s just cuter ! After that, went home . 1 hour ride home, slept on the bus 😀

-Yawns- it’s school again tml (which means facing those attitude prob t’cher checking our hair & such again, so rmb to bring clip people!)

That’s all for now, bye .