Hello humans .

Okay, it’s gonna be a short post since i’ve nothing to post about .

I’m alone now . Rest of my family is at Singapore Stadium watching soccer, Singapore vs Vietnam . As usual, i have no interest, so i’m at home alone . Well, probably you’ll even see them on teevee, who knows . Anws, i’m gonna try to do maybe one of my jian bao after blogging .

I just finished watching Special A today .
I personally thinks that it’s another nice anime i’ve watched so far . Nice ending, Kei & Hikari 😀 It’s sad that it ends so fast, yet phew, i managed to watch finish before school reopens . However, New Friend told me there’s a possibility of second season. Oh yes please, second season!! :D:D:D
Love was always there, just that you didn’t notice . Hikari was sure dumb .

After school reopen, i guess i won’t watch animes again until next holiday . Well, of cus’ an execption of Vampire knight guilty, Shugo Chara Doki!!, Kuroshitsuju and Special A . Hmm, the next anime i wanna watch would be Ouran High (host club) . Till next holiday (:

Now, my usual update on life .
This whole weekend was pratically watching Special A , i didn’t do any work -.- I’ve got to finish by next week 😀 (keeping the positive spirit) . Also, i don’t know why, i’m still excited about Christmas even though celebrating late Christmas (27th Dec). Last but not least, I’m looking forward for Gin’s arrival to Singapore to meet up with her . (Don’t worry, i miss hunny, ahjie, clique, and friends too :D)

Credits to NF, my kawaii devil character 😀

That’s all .