Hello Earth (:

I’m bored right now, 12.56 to be exact .
& Also, i’m back from Malaysia . Anws, i wonder if my parents would suddenly barge into my room telling me how tired i should be and sleeping early blah blah blahs ; or, their too tired to even open their eyes ? Haha . Actually, the fact is, i’m a lil tired, yet don’t feel like sleeping yet .

Okay, about my trip to m’sia .
As you know, m’sia is almost like singapore, so i doubt it’ll be any interesting . During the past few days, we did nothing but ‘shop, eat, sleep’ x1000000 .

Yes, the food there is half the price of Singapore, so imagine me eatin’ good food for every meal xD We stayed in this kinda small yet nice hotel, Putri (sp?) Pacific . Well, i think it’s rather okay . For shopping .. I guess only afew shopping centres are ‘shoppable’ . Cus’ right there, those really no people one, they dont sell things that (particularly) me likes . However, their having sales in m’sia now 😀 Anws, they do sell cool yet expensive stuff you can’t find in singapore . hmm … Not many yet afew gothics stuff (cheaper alot compare to singapore) .

Really, you can see a almost hell lot diff, compare m’sia to singapore .

Like ?!
– Just a certain area of M’sia is x100000 bigger times then Singapore.
– Bubble gums? 😀
– Cheap yet good yet nice stuff .
– Their supermarket sells from clothes to shoes to whatever you want .
– Taxi is really cheap .
(i can’t think or anymore right now)

However, in terms of environment, Singapore is still the best 😀

Now, lets get on with life .. (A lil’ update on mine)
Watched Shugo Chara; & thinks that Amu and Ikuto are the best best couple .
Watched Vampire Knight epi 10, & thinks that it’s getting cooler and more complicated .
Next anime shall be Special A 😀

Haven’t done any homework yet, & gosh school reopens in about a week time . I’ll start doing tml, i will 😀 Come to think of it , i missed my friends alot, whoever is it . & also, i wanna know who’re our teachers 😀

Ohoh, Christmas 😀
Santa Claus is coming to town soon . Yet, i haven’t buy papers for cards . How could i forget ?! Guess i’ll be pulling people to popular with me ? (Look who’s the lucky one :X) I’m still excited over Christmas, yet disappointed that we won’t be celebrating ):

It’s 1.23 AM now, & i guess i will end there .
Sorry, i didn’t really bother to take any pictures, so it’s like a whole page of compo . And, i’m hungry right now!!

Cheryl .