i drew this, not nice i know -.-

Yay, hello humans 😀

& duuuuuuh . Craft cheese totally owns .’
You should try our new flavour, green apple cheese ^^ Totally oiishi please. Too good to be eaten, hehehe (:
-Advertising fees for craft cheese is $1k, laoda-

Okay, lets start with yesterday .
Thought yesterday was another oh-so-borin’ day, till Gin sms-ed me . Went down to macs, had ‘Vanillia Coffee-based Frappe’ . Totally rocks luh, it taste like my coffee bean fav, but coffee bean is still numba 1 manszx! After that, went to Gin’s house to egt psp games ^^

After that, headed down to my housey.
Actually, it was Gin who wanted to come, hahaha . Took furless Pepper down to play . & then had fun cam-whoring with Gin , HAHAHA . However, i had bad hair day, so i will only post pictures that is presentable, lol . Went up after that, surfed the net . We started to view friendsters, lol 😀 Gin stayed for dinner, then went home at 8.30 😀

Today’s next .
As i opened my cupboard, i was totally sian diao . Didn’t have mood to dressed, so just randomly picked a shirt, then went out . (IWANTRESTOCK):) Anws, i reached there early, went to eat burger king myself while waiting for Lina, so lonely ! D:

When Lina met me, she was dripping wet! D:
Awwwwh, so poor thing, she chiong through the rain T.T Hope she don’t get sick ! Anws, walked ard bugis . We saw many nice/gothic/cool/kawaii charms, charms that Lina wants for her baggy. haha . Anws, its damn ex, rawr . Got a shirt, then decided to go Far East .

Shopped around Far East, after that was kinda hungry . We went Hans, Lina got a cheese cake . Hahaha . Hmm, we managed to get afew charms . i think i kinda regret to get mine -.- & also, Lina’s are so heavy, her bag would be so heavy even before putiing stuff in it, lol .

Went to Peninsula next.
Really really thanks Lina for following me there to choose a baggy . The one i want had no more stock, we found another kinda similar patten. no more stock too -.- In the end decided on one checkered design, black grey & white . Hmm, plain & nice i guess ? Kay, was happy finally i got a new bag for school 😀 Lol, didn’t stay for dinner as we don’t have much money left, so went home for dinner .

Shopping’s great, though its real tiring 😀

*Warning!* Random ahead .

Yesterday night was real horrible . I couldn’t sleep at night, despite the fact that it was already quite late . Suddenly many many things came to my mind, ARGHS . Oh, also, i thought of Christmas 😀 I’m pretty excited at the arrivial of Christmas. Excited with a capital E 😀 Hmm, i guess i would be making cards ? I’ll be sending some through mail, cool . I’ve ready the people whom i wanna give in mind . Well, but then, if you want a card, feel free to request!

Last but not least, PICTURES .

i like this pic . it looks like we’re sitting on the words ^^

Edited by Gin
edited by Gin

Edited by Gin 😀

That’s all about it .
Byebye .