Cheryl’s back to blooog 😀

Alrighty, i’ve been too lazy to blog . & now, lina scold me ): So, i owe her a post , blah .
Okay, so, i have been quite down for the past few days . Well, not really down, but irritated by somethings . Ahaa, i’m fine now . Why bother right 😀 & thanks oh-so-lovely friends .

Vampire knight guilty episode 7 is exciting mansxz.
Kaname bit Yuuki . You know how much Kaname sucks ? THIS ALOT! :D:D & yeah, next episode raw is today Today TODAY ! *screams my head off* Okay, i’m being crazy . Whatever . Ohoh, you know, you all should go watch Maplestory anime, is totally cool & kawaii lah !

Saying of anime ..
Yes, went to AFA’08 (Anime Fest Asia’08) yesterday :DDDD It’s kinda disappointing you know . Why ? Cus’ i’m not any anime freak, & i only catch certain animes . However, my most adored anime, vampire knight, totally sucked yesterday !! You al should have seen the 2 guys who cosplay Kaname & Zero . Yuck . And, there’s totally so little vk things lah >:\

Kay, so actually, i met Jojo first .
Hmm, i have bad sense of direction you know . I totally suck at citylink walking to suntec -.- So we bought our tickets, then went in . There were many manny things like cosplay costumes (Notice i specify on costumes, cus’ some sg people really don’t fit cosplays, no offence though), collectables to drawings and and stuffs . Really, it’s cool lah 😀

We got really hungry half way though .
However, we wanted to watch th cosplay event, so we were starved in the hall ); Lina came to find us, hehe . But really, cosplay event is also disappointing . But of cus’, there’s afew that’s nice and kawaii . & We think, the trinity blood’s costume is coolest :D:D:D

Joined Lina & Eric for lunch .
Hmm , went to KFC . After lunch, we were walking out . This totally gay guy, he was wearing cosplay acting as a girl, blowed a kiss at Jojo as Jojo went to turn around to see whether he was a guy or girl :X . YUCK, totally yuck! Then we went to walk around, & then we went orchard to look for mama .(Cus’ i didn’t wanna train home (;) We were so tired, that we slept so soundly in the car ^^

2 girls cosplaying guys .

cool ?!

L that doesn’t look like L .

Obviously fake & don’t look-alike zero & kaname wannabe .

Collectable L 😀

Collectable Shana

The sword is hand-made, damn cool!

Cute !

Kay, i’m getting bored right now .
Till then :D!