Hello peeps .

Day are getting real borrreeed at hooome .
Holidays are 1 & the half months left, noooooooo!

Yay, i read finish my Twilighty book .
Somewhat, i’m kinda addicted to it . Awwwh, vampires ! Yes, Edward is darn hot as described in th book . Well, the movie, uh-oh . I’m gonna get the second book soon since is so bored at home ! Reading is good for compo yo, don’t say i nvr study during the holidays šŸ˜€ (But i read and forget, so …)
Yup, this is randomed .

Anyways anyways,
Sisters anni is 2 days away . We’re gonna celebrate tomorrow, *cross fingers it doesn’t rain* . Hmm, Lina is likely not going due to her sickness, awwwwh DD: & her blog .. If you-know-what-happens-to-her, *TOUCHWOOD*, I’m gonna be the most kind hearted soul ever ! I’ll draw everything she wants and burn it, hehehe . Maybe a hot guy to accompany her o.o Yup, but nothing will happen to her luh . Hehe .

You all got no idea how much i miss Feebee !
It’s like, the whole house is so quiet, especially when i’m alone at home . No one to accompany me T.T Awwwwwh, FEEBEEEEE . Comecomecome, run home !

Also, i couldn’t sleep last night .
Despite turning and tossing and fliping and trying to sleep, i couldn’t sleep . Another sleepless night -.- But today, i woke up execptionly early, at least to me ? Yup, 10.30 ><

Yes, i’m bored now ! That explains why i’m posting early in the morning, does it ?
Kay, i’m gonna rot at home today again , boooo .

Byebye .