Hello earthlings!
Didn’t went out with friends . Didn’t rot much at home either ! Kay, mummy had dental appointment this time . Being such a good daughter, i companied her 😀 We ate breakfast at coffee bean . I love coffee bean yah! They have chocolate and vanilla powder o.o (randomed) Anws, i got my vanilla coffee ice blended 😀 Yay, i love mummy loads !

Kay anws, she went to extract her wisdom tooth .
Yeap, she had to remove two . There’s a small operation, mama said o.o I waited for her outside . She told me, her mouth was numb . & she said it issn’t pain . Strong ain’t she? not like me ;x Like i said, i’m afraid of pain . Hope my mouth don’t grow a dumbass wisdom tooth next time, not eve one ! Kekeke .

Anws anws, about today!
Hmm, last night didn’t have a goodnight sleep . SO yeah, i woke up later then the time i expected . it’s expected huh): Kinda think of it, how am i gonna wake up when school reopens o.o Ohkay, back to topic! Met hun at macs, i wasn’t late leh 😀 Weane & Beaunice joined us later . Ohoh, went to minitoons, got our waterbottle 😀 Mine’s a pink piggy(i named it bottle bottle), Beaunice & Chloe’s both have yellow ducky . Beaunice didn’t want it actually, then Weane bought it for her .

Yays, open house is in next week 😀 I miss our army pants :X Anws, it’s on mon & tues . Dance today’s tiring . Bloody hell, stage at space is so small, we can even fall of it please . It’s like open house, Issn’t it suppose to be in hall ? -.- So dismissed at 3.30, 50th anni people had to stay . Well, i went off first, nobody wants to accompany me to wait for ’em x.x

Kay .
Lina came to my house later on . Played with Feebee downstairs . Feebee’s one naughty freako huh . She went to bark at the angmos o.o & those blooodey korea-like children , ask them don’t stand close, made till i have to hold Feebee so tight , till she scratch me . boohhoooo . Anws, Lina didn’t stay for dinner, she was too paiseh . ILY lah, sister!
& PSSSST, she showed me this very cute guy from final fantasy!


i love emo pic o.o

not forgetting,
Happy birthday Kingston!
i tried, i really did . it’s hard, damn bloody hard . imy.
Kay, that’s fr now
Byebye .

I’m bloody pissed off right now .
First, Feebee went to bite my laptop’s charger .That thingthing went loose, no more charging despite how i stuffed that thingthing back into it again . 51% remaining . I’m like begging papa to bring that stupid charger to repair asap! Now i can only use that dumbdumb battery -.-
Feebee, i’m pissed off with you! {i didn’ mean it}

the singout ticket . I have been asking you&i know who(not refering to mj) for the money, as i have to pass it to clarissa . She’s leaving on wed . How in time can i bloody get the tickets when i don’t have the money ?

Yadaaas yadaaas yadaaas . What you post on blog, why don’t you come say it in our faces huh ? No body ask you to hold it back, no body would blame you, no body would whatsoever . To think we treated you so good . yadaas & more yadaas . You know who you are huh .

really, i meant no offence .
I’m just real pissed off right now .