Hello yet again, earthlingsss 😀
(my title has nothing to do with the post yeah.)

Today’s another typical rotting-at-home day .

I’m soooo disappointed ,
I didn’t watch any anime . Gagaga . I just didn’t feel like . Anws, i’ve been waiting for the damn-ed VKG series tday . Who knows, it’s only air in Japan, not the sub . GRAH . I’ve been waiting like WHOOOLLLLE day .

vampire knight is a kick-ass serieeees 😀

Zero’s hot, zero’s cute !

Anws anws,
This morning, someone pranked call . At least i guess ? Maybe it’s in the morning, so i’m thinking too much or maybe imagining things o.o(it’s why no good to be at home too much) SO, I’m just wondering who’s the person x.x too bad i don’t have caller id huh .

ANDAND . I’m getting busy this weeeek 😀

Monday- rotting at home
Tuesday- Going out with jojo
Wednesday- Dance
Thursday- Meetup with friends
(MJ,Lina,Kim,Ger,Kim’s bf,&some i don’t know who boys)
Friday- Dance(not sure)

Anws, Feebee’s going on 10th nov .
Yup, i’m sure gonna miss her loads, no doubts . At least, the owner-to-be gonna let me visit Feebee as and when i want . I guess i’m contented 😀
Daddy told me, he’s finding the dog perfect fr me or maybe us . Maybe, we’ll find a dog perfect enough(at least, in daddy’s eyes .) Well maybe . However, there’s nothing perfect huh . I don’t like, like the things i love comes and then go . Nobody likes it huh .

You don’t have to read the following .
Hmm, I thought you did, you thought it too . Yeap, you thought, but you actually didn’t . It’s the same all along , nothing changed . Well, expect your thought . Anws, its your business, so i’m rather can’t be bothered .
& i’m refering to i-know-who . Don’t have to ask [: