Hello earthlings!

Sososo, anyone celebrating ?
Nope, i’m not D: Eeeeks, there’s no trick-or-treat from door to door in Singaporeee . Ayes, wouldn’t it be fuuun ?!

Yesterday night ,
Played Tic-A-Tac poker again . Bad to say, i’m rather unlucky . Or rather, Clayton’s really lucky . It’s either i always take the first wrong card, or after i take a card, joker would come out . RAWR ! DDDD:

Library is so LALALA . I wanted to read my ‘The house of night’ series . & booohoooo, their book is not for loan yet! I tried reserving the book, no avail -.- so, HMPH .
(BTW, the house of night series is about Vampires! OH GOSH :D)

Today’s a pretty boring day eh .
Woke up @ 11 plus . hehe . Have been watching Anime since morning . Sad to say, i haven’t found any anime as interesting as VK series D: So kay, i’ll tell you what i watched .
‘I love my younger sister’ & ‘Kuroshitsuji’
& anws, newfriend also intro-ed me another anime, ‘Shakugan No Shana’ . I only watched the first epi. hmm, quite nice i guess .

Oh btw, i’m not a anime freak !

Anws, gotta’ congrats one of my dear friend 😀
KIMBERLYYYY ! & i’m not gonna say the reason :X

Yeapyeap 😀

Anws, i found something hilarious about the ‘The Boyf Every Girls Want..’ from someone’s blog . Ohkay, only a sentence . hehe .
When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; “Who’s ass am I kicking today baby?”

That’s all fr now, bye .
Cheryl ,