The guy in white is Kaname, The guy in black is Zero, The girl is Yuuki .

I’m sososososo addicted to Vampire knight series 😀 After Vampire knight, then vampire knight guilty . WAHAHAHAH . But seriously, i don’t get addicted to anime seriously, cus’ i hardly watches them . But ohmy -.- After watchhing vampire knight, i’m like, i want more vampire knight series, LOL . That’s retarded . But hmm, imagine there’s vampire in this real world , what would it be like ? (thats a retarded thought of mine .)

SOOOO … I got the dates fr the next few episodes(VKG)
03/11/2008 Episode 5: The Subordinate’s Trap
10/11/2008 Episode 6: The Fake Lover
17/11/2008 Episode 7: The Thorny Kiss
HEHEHE, i can’t wait, so yay!

Kay, i’ll talk about yesterday .
Hmm, had dance . & finally ?! hehe [: Met up with Hunny first . *ticktockticktock* ! muahahaha . We had lunch & met her friends .
& yay, open house . We’re dancing toy soldier again . But this time in space ?! gawd -.- So, routine on returning to school every wed . & after that, SYF audition, arrrgghs .

Today, i got woke up by mama’s scream ..

Ayes . It’s like 10 o’clock in the early peaceful holiday morning x.x …
Soo yar, went dentist . The guy guy said i don’t need any extraction on tooth . However mama’s gonna get her wisdom tooth plucked out soon . It’ll be like damn pain o.o Imagine we’re all gonna get wisdom tooth next time …
Yes, i’m damn afraid of pain (that’s why i don’t emo), lol . & btw, once i get all my baby teeth on, gonna get braces ?! OMG , imagine T.T PAIN, PAIN, PAIN! Ayes .

& anws .
After the retarded visit to that death chamber thingy, I GOT MY VANILLA COFFEE ICE BLENDED ♥ ! Retardedly happy 😀 Oh , somemore i’ve 1 and the half of subway cookie, & yoshinoya for lunch . Heeeheeeee !

Today at home was rather typically boring though .
I have been on msn, chatting . Have been watching my VKG . Yeap, just like that . Ohoh, & i’m becoming so interested on vampires . hehehe . I’m soooo gonna go library to find books on vampire, be a good bookworm reading on vampire, hehehe (just joking) .


It’s my first time playing this retarded game ..
& can you believe ? I won that seriously retarded moron eeee-diat!
Oh, and notice the underlined word below the NOOB . It spells Wilfredy, LOL .

It’s the 2nd time .
& hello, how can he suan a beginner ?! Bully jiu shi bully, forever a bully!
(obviously the one pointed noob is me)

AND , Clayton pian ren sia -.- What a beginner, i tio owned by him afew times ?! -.-
Anws dumbdumbdumb,
I’m just wondering if anything happened . It feels so weird without chatting with you, & no more tags D: I’m just wondering though (:
Yesterday night .. I hate it .
I’ll end here, byebye
Cheryl .