Hi earthlings !

As you know ,
met-up with my dear; lovely; cutie; bestbest friend, ah Gin ! YAY πŸ˜€ Ohkay, & i met her @ 1 instead of 1.30 pm . Anyways, we bus-ed down to Fareast and walked to Cathay . (Though we were abit lost in between.) Sun was burning hot ! .

We got our tickets fr HSM3 (i didn’t make a mistake this time :B!).
Hmm, it’s nice lah ! & it’s also the last HSM series, booohooo D: Of cus’, there were sad parts, like when Vannesa left . I shall not be a spoil spot, go watch it yourself, hehe (; Oh, as we had no choice, we had to take the first row lah . We had the whole first role ourself, & duh, there were lots and lots and lots of lady/girls angmo cans .

After the show, we made an attempt to walk back to fareast.
Blah, raining . Whether now is unpredictable ? It was like sun’s shining so brightly fr a moment, & then suddenly was raining at another moment . Didn’t have an umbrella, so we went to makan . Went to KFC, i had my subway coookie πŸ˜€ heeehees . Oh bytheway, when we walked back to fareast, it was also raining . Poor Gin, had to walk in th rain though she’s already having flu D:

Anws anws ! We searched fr that SHOP fr like, 30 mins, or even more then that! Yar, like real , 3rd level yar Wilfred, lol! Lucky we asked around, or we’ll be on 3rd level fr like, how long ?! Heeh, we’re not dummies (: Plus plus, we didn’t dare to go in lah . Lol -.- SOOOOO , today was rather unfruitful D: But at least, we enjoyed yarh!

Ohkay, bus-ed to ahmah’s house, had dinner!
Dinner was uber deee-li-ciouss! Heehee (: Yuan (as in my cousin) was kaaa-ute . Gagahs .
Ohoh, sorry uh people, i cannot join ‘ya all tomorrow, but, ENJOY!

Cheryl .