Hello earthlings,

Yet again, another oh-so-boring typical Saturday .
Mama’s sick, aaawwwwh D: & i’ve got nothing better to do . (Though thinking of clearing my room so that it’ll look nicer x.x)
Ayes, no going out . Staying at home . Wasting time . Oh, but that issn’t how boring my life would be ohkay . Cus’, it’s RJ’s birthday parrrtieee tomorrow šŸ˜€ FYI, their my ex neighbours . Oh, they always stuff me with deeee-li-ciooous chicken wings ! Wahahahaha .

rotting at home . Really really bored ! But something, something that i hadn’t expect, made me real happy šŸ˜€ It goes like this ..

After finishing my this very interesting story book, i’ve nothing to do . Naturally turning on my laptop . After that, this msn chat thingie started to blink, with the name “Jasmine” . Shocked, it was mummy :D! As in, gan mummy . If you don’t know, she’ve been locked in hostel . Yeap, i missed her loads . Wonder how’s she doing, & glad that she’s fine !

Disgressing being a bad story teller, it’s all facts ohkay! I didn’t made up anything, lol .

Get the facts right!

Punggol white house, aka Matilda house
Old Changi Hospital

coools! šŸ˜€


Wilfred says those who cut ‘Bangs’ are retarded!
Prove :

Wilfredyap. says:
cut bang , will be as retarded as you lorh

Btw, i didn’t cut bangs, so he’s just being retarded!

oh, shall stop here .
Bye !