Happy or sad or screaming aloud, but it’s the last day of school !
Approx. of 2 months and 2 weeks of holiday starts tomorrow . Excited ? Guess so . Loads & loads of plan, hehehe (:

Anws, today was like so bored .
Many of the classes had class party, expect us -.- Oh, it’s like we didn’t plan anything or what, so we have been staying in class since morning till 10.30 am . Jenny Ang made us watch movie/ or read a book . How crap . I fell asleep, from morning till ard 9. So nice 😀

oh, & if you’re bored, do play this! http://www.hotel626.com/
fyi, it’s not any pornographic game or whatsoever ohkay . & if you’ve heart attack, faint easily or whatsoever, not adviced fr you [:

Back to my post,
Went to hgm, they had pepper lunch, but i didn’t eat . Say, i’m not hungry, or maybe, i didn’t feel like eating . Anws, we went to playground after that . Yepyep, left shortly, & TADA! I came home early [:

Last day of school .
Another year’s gonna past, fast eh ? Super . Gonna miss friends till we see each other again, which is like next year? haha . No worries, what are meetups for? [:

Kay, enough of words, loads & loads of picture to come by!


Beaunice & my lil’ toyieee doggieee [:

Ferris wheel .

Beaunice’s face is purple?!

-insert your own words here-

‘Jeffrey/Isaac is loved by Kimberly!’

Flea market [:

Lina’s emo picca~!

Bolt’s kaaa-uttte!

bunny hunny~
♥ Cheryl ,

Beaunice’s nose ain’t that flat afterall.

Time don’t turn back, only memories are left

Lina’s acting kaa-ute, & i’m in her phone’s screen !

My evil twin .

On the verge of grabbing Lina!

Kay, i’m done, *PHEW*
Cheryl ,