Things had been well lately, at least, i guess so?(;
& Lina misses my post, hohohoh !

Well, i’ll start off with yesterday, monday .
So monday, i woke up not-surprisingly 30 mins later then i’ve got to . Heeeh, i need lots’a sleep too (: Disgressing knowing that i’ve got to wake up early, i still ton-ed . Yes, self ton . Oh, don’t ask me why . People who stone alone normally falls asleep, but no matter how long i stoned, i didn’t fall asleep . Wakakak , so retarded .

So we met at 11 + at subway .
I had subway cookie as my breakfast šŸ˜€ You’ve no idea how deee-li-cious cookie is ? It’s a no-wonder why i like cookie monsters right ? no link, i know ! lol :X

So, we went back to the sport we went a month ago .
Lots of memories, huh ? It was before exams we went there . I know, i wasn’t in a mood that day, really sorry girls . So, we didn’t rent bikes, thanks to lina šŸ˜€ {in a non-sacarstic way} Oh, then we went to E!hub, catched the movie ’20th Century boys’ . So, i didn’t know whatthehell the movie was about anyways . All i know that, it’s abit retarded, funny, sad, & really, the part .. ‘To Be Continued ..’ -.-

Anws, hope you’all enjoyed, girls! šŸ˜€

So, today .
Another day of school, another day of post-exam activites . So, we got photoshop lessons . It’s so boring . Not that i know anything/everything, but hor, i only know i don’t know what their teaching .

Flea market! Wheeeheee (:
Ohkay, dance set up a booth . It’s like, doing bookmark . Eh, it’s interesting, creative lah can! I got one myself, & shall take picture of it someday šŸ˜€ It’s so cool & fun there lah, especially helping out, tgt with Beaunice . & also, saw Xiuyuan, wagagaga .

Chinese was after flea market .
Wtf, seriously lor, that CGM . Why can’t she like, rao ler wo men ?! She’s so freaking whatever mansxz, & oh, our chinese holiday homework is like shyte . After that, we went to see the dance @ SPACE . Eugene took courage to went up& perform, tio humiliated . Really lor, it’s not easy to go & solo leh, but tsk, it’s funny! Ohkay, it’s interesting lah, the dancers (: But oh, i had to leave at 1, i didn’t get to watch D:

LIMPINHAN, cheerup lah you dumbdumbdumb.
No point, understand ! I mean, i don’t understand everything, but a least i know how you feel, & it’s so not worth it . Don’t emo lah D:

Kay, i guess i’ll stop here, i don;t know what to type anymore -.-
& if letting go is so easy, there’s nothing more challenging in life .