Helllooooooo Earthlings πŸ˜€

Ohkay .
Yesterday, we went to celebrate daddy’s birthday at this rest. called Habourcity . Please, don’t ever go there mansxz . The food sucks like hell! No standard, lousy, tasteless food! & The rest. ain’t cheap either . Uber not worth going , there sucks!

Today ,
It’s daddy’s birthdayeeee ! hehe, the shirt fitted him nicely [: yupyup, satisfied!

Kay, let’s announce my results first ..
Chinese : 76
Science : 71.5
English : 72
History : 70
Art : 66

Till now, i’m super satisfied with my results i guess ? (Except for art) I can’t believe that the subject that i found so hard, English & Chinese got more than what i expected . Plus, my history lah, 70 leh πŸ˜€ Oh, i’m not very happy with my science lah, GAH D:
Anws, last period today was art, we were let off 30 mins earlier !

Kay, i went to watch movie with Shixuan today .. HOUSE BUNNY!
It was a rather bimbotic, cute & somehow interesting show lah (; Her voice was cute leh, the part where she learn how to remember name . Then, ShiXuan imitated her leh, ACT CUTE ! HAHAHA . & whats, guess who we saw ?! was the actor, Guo Liang, & another actress . Oh, was also surprised, saw Kingston o.o?!

very very very not looking forward in getting my other subjects back , bahahaha .

Know what ?! Daddy brought us to Tao’s today πŸ˜€
I must say, i’m a rather happy + lucky lil girl todayeeeee ! hehe, Tao’s was as good as usual, it’s been years since i last went there . The manager even got daddy a ice-cream + candle as a birthday cake, + a small lil teapot as present, cute right !
Yup, i wanna go Tao’s again, so looking forward to next visit πŸ˜€

Kay, Shall stop here (;
Cheryl .