Tell a friend next to you !
Spread it, curse it, celebrate it, cus’ … Exams are pronounced, O-V-E-R!
Anws, hello people!

Rights , it’s yesterday first .
We; Me Beaunice & Chloe, had freaking so muchy funny yesterdayeee ! (: Rights ?
Kay, we went what you called ‘Durian Shell’ , Esplanade i mean . We were suppose to watch Dains luh, Latin fever . I don’t know, th guys are fat lah ! zomg, fat & not angmo-ish lol! Kidding luh, but how can latin dancers(which they shake their butt so much), be fat ?! The performance was what Chloe & beaunice called disorganised, Therefore we went to walk around .

Singapore flyer, Singapore River, Sentosa .
Yeas, we went to th Singapore River futherdown from Esplanade . It was a beeaaautiful scene there (: Behind the river was the singapore flyer . Nice ain’t it ? Many couples were there, even some ‘camera man’, zilian-er o.o! We had drinks, candyfloss, & stuffs~ Also,many many laughters . Stayed till 10.30 . Thanks uncle fr fetching me home! & i slept at ard 2.15 ytd .
Loves yesterday .

Today .
Met up with jie at Bugis . Shopped ard, got daddy’s present , got a shirt fr him (: I coped mama’s $50, & i used like $23 ? hehe (; Went Fareast, jie got her hair re-extended . 30 strands, cool! Went to srg mrt next . oh, on th way we gossiped alot 😀 Ands ands, we camwhored at there too (: Going out with jiejie is th love, she took care of me alot . Thanks ahjie, enjoyed yeahs?

cheryl ,