She’s ChloeB. , hunny (:
Gossip gossip gossip!
Who likes her la, that backstabber & everything else .
That gaga-er,
booooooohoooooooooooooo .
She’ve a friggin bodyslammer as a bodyguard, LOL .
Wah, we’re damn afraid la ):
Can’t wait fr dance again,
Jiayous on audition! (goes out to beaunice too(:)

-Back to today (; Well, Lit’s today . Lit sucks, hate lit , bohohohohoho . As usual, hope not to fail (; Unseen poem sucks alot btw . Oone inch tall -.- Tomorow’s maths P2 .Me scared scared ): Hope it’ll be easy . *Praying SINCERLY* (: Anws, i don’t know how’s my art gonna’ be . I’m not doing yet o.o tml chiong? see how (: Oh anws, After lunching with Minjun, went to find PH & Rwna (: Headed to CP, & chatted gossiped and camwhored . hahas . Yuck la , had tuition & then i gotta’ go back early . Well, it was a lovely afternoon (: That’s all,Cheryl (: