Gahahah; Hellloooo, peopples!

*sighs* , Time just won’t turn back .. Perhaps, it’s a remedy, & yesterday’s a history in life . But, just but , time could turn back . I wouldn’t say, yet i just wish i could . &i just can’t bear to see ..

Yesterdaeee .
It was fun, though it was mugging . Muggin’s fun! It’s only who you go with . Well, going mugging with friends are so much better then sitting at home, agree? Agreed!
Well anws, we mugged at bishan’s KFC , & bought Vanillia coffee ice blendedx3, Cheese+Fries, Mac’s coke, Subway cooookiesx3 !

Today, Happy birthday, you braaaaaaa-ther!
Still, you’re th suck-up like usual(: & i’m still taller then you please, don’t need act la ;D hahahah .

♥ , loves .

Science paper,
It was peeer-fect . Well, not so . MCQ was hard, really . Hmm, Section B was ohkay; Section C was alrights . Chose Bio question for th extra question ;D (Simply cus’ bio rocks, physics sucks!) Chem was like, wah, th whole page was chimalogy, so i decided not to look at it . Hehe, when i did finish, it was just nice th time .
Anws, Hougang Fishball noodle’s like th

Well, Tuition tonight as usual . & gonna blow birthday cake + mama’s specialized chicken rice leh . Gaaaaah, i didn’t blow a cake this year please? Not fair /: (DIDI, CHOOSE TAO’S!) Tomorrow’s Hist & Maths P1 .
Sian, hist ! I’m sure gonna flunk that assssy subject . Butbut, i’ll try hard not to, reeaaal hard! Oh, ‘m gonna try to read up all my Hist notes luh, but i really got STM lor, STMSTMSTMSTMSTMSTM!
& Maths, i’ll do up th papers t’cher gave us . I wanna pass my maths, i wantwantwant to pass maths! & i’ve gotta’ to (: Anws, do th things youu gotta’ do people; pray that maths ain’t hard for tomorrow & paper 2 !
don’tgo, willyou?
Weeeell, I’m back to my muggin’