heyooos peopleees!

Firstly, i’m gonna MIA!

Gagagaga, exam’s in 2 days time . Shucks, i’m trying my best to mug . I wanna score better, then my SA1 , i have to . Therefore, being a good girl, i decided to go MIA in blog & MSN till exams are over . heeh, but though, i will still try to come online whenever i am .
Miss me anot, you decide! lol -.-

Heeeh, he replaced our old & BO singaaa . 3 cheers for peanuuuut! I wonder how you get it though, you’re super vulgar la ! HAHA .

Booohooo ,
i shall not say put my daily boring, abnormal school routine again, it’ll bore people to death!
Graaaaaaaaahs, but i gotta’ say this . Super duper uber not happy with my maths CT results . 24/35 what crap . God, praaaaay i’ll understand maths better, BLESS ME WITH TH POWER OF MAAAATHS šŸ˜€ *LAME!*
& also, i’m happy with my other maths test, 12/13 [: Just forgot to convert th fraction . How careless . Butbut, i’m soooo gonna flunk today maths test . You know what ? i’m gonna try to do my whole assement book . Seriously, I AM! šŸ˜€

Anws, recess was damn funny too!
Well, it’s cus , this batch of sec 3 guys sat beside us . OMG, he’s friggin hilarious la ! He used american style english to talk .. & he keep saying this ” We Americans … do this do that.. ” Omg, he made us laugh till … Oh, Lina went up, & more funny things happened . HAHS! (They were th guys that sat beside us on september 22 ~ LOL . )

After schoool ,
Hmm, went to KFC . It was bloodeeeh funny . Well, i shall not say names , let th guy be A & th girl be B . Ohkay, so it went like that lor .. A, B & their friends came to KFC, & they just sat behind/ beside us . I don’t know why, but we started laughing .
Well, we also made our trip to many places . Sad to say, it was boring ! It’s super boring la . Kay, feel so bad on saying that, but seriously ! .. Bleah, i don’t wanna go again -.- Anws, thanks la MJ for pei-ing me . & for calling me a step friend. HAHA !
Oh, Claris’ back to school tml , GIRL AH !

A short & randomed post for th day~
Well, shall stop here. Don’t know when i’m posting again, but CIAOS !

Cheryl ,