Heeeaaaahhloooo, Konichiwaa! 😀

Firstfirst, i’m going JB this Sat-ur-daeee !
Heeehaaa, it’s cus’ there’s alot to shop there, & alot of clothes also 😀 Hope it’s true , & not forgetting my bubble gummieeeees ! Eeeeek, but Claris’ going Japaaan this year end, me want me want! D: nvm, i told daddy next year end we’ll go Japan, hehehe . greatgreatgreat !

&& Many people are getting sick thesee days ! Get well soon Kim, Yuan, Minjun & whoever’s sick eh 😀

Loves today assembly .
Don’t know why but i think that it’s like so interesting mansxz ! What Islamic culture thingthing . Imagine me fasting{sp?} Woah, from a bamboo stick become a bamboo stick cut into half eh ? lol !

Today’s recess sucked, seriously .
Like a normal, typical recess time till … Suzie/Sushi whatevery shyte came walking by -.- Tell me if she has nothing better to do la, walao . Even anba don’t go around catching people for their attire/ hair etc . Super lame la she . L-A-M-E ! Anws, this was how it happen .. First, she saw Lina with her cute doodles on her hand & scolded her for that . Wait, whats wrong with doodling on hand? Or maybe she wants doodle on her face to xiasuay herself 😀 & next, she caught for th pin at th pocket “this is not part of th school uniform!” . Yuck la she, what’s her friggin’ business la . So dumb of me, was eatting & i look up, Suzie got me for my frindge . Anws, she must be jealous she don’t have long frindge, jealousy is a sin, LAAA DEY .
ps/ she also have short term memory la !

Maths was like ..
EEEK, i don’t understand a single thing , practically having all my brain juice sucked up . Well, i was on th verge of breaking down . Was like asking people how to do, as i seriously seriously have not a singlest idea what miss koh’s talking about . Tio dao-ed by everyone, maybe accept Ger .
Can i punch Goldfish in her face, slap her, gorge out her eyes?! She sucksucksuck . Who do she think we are, how could she call us abnormal people ? She she even NORMAL in th first place ? {refering to he eyeballs} Damn .
Miss Quan wasn’t here, & a relief t’cher came. She’s bloodeh one-of-a-kind suck up la . She gave us summary to do, & don’t even allow us to talk, or maybe even whisper ? Mouth’s use for talking, y’know ?

Anws, after school ..
Walked out of class, then saw Miss dot .. “Girlgirl, come here ! See, your skirt is so short!” then she turn to someone, i think Lina . ” You too, your skirt is sooo short!” Eeek, we’re so suay today la hor ): Nvms, at least she’s more reasonable & don’t scream & shout like sushi does .

Ohkays, anws, went down before our maths remedial, sneaked up cracker for maths 😀
Oh, we got our maths test today, was quite ohkay,& tml’s maths CT, shucks . Anws, had tuition just now & Rita did revise maths with me 😀 Loves her gummies manexsz!
Ohkays, after Maths was Science remedial . We did worksheet on physics. Thanks Ger for th *remains in the middle* gahahhaha! Anws, it was generally ohkay, & cus’ we simply rush through th whole thing & then zhao .

Went pepper lunch, while MJ’s tuitioning .
Lina’s a beginner there, hehe . Weeeell, it was not bad luh . We kinda’ had fun, with that JT {justin tan} & also, Jolene . hahaha! Ohkay, only we understands 😀 Anws, Claris’ cousin & friends joined us later . I went off at 3.30 cus’ there’s tuition .

Yeap, i don’t know whether should i join them at th beach tml . But i seriously wanna only go with those i know you see . Sad there’s CO tml mansxz & no dance D: Soooo, should i go ? don’t know .
Yarh so, ohkay, byebye!

Cheryl ,