Hey speculalar people !(x

ohkay first, Timmy’s living Singapore & immigrating to i-don’t-know-whre already , AWH D: Takecares leh dumbdumb! do come back to Singapore someday alrights 😀

heeh .
Assembly today was funny . It’s like asking us to vote for student of th year . Heeeeeh, it’s all th sec 4/5s SLs . Was pratically funny cus’ it’s like showing all their ad pri 1 pictures . Gosh, we were all laughing like mad cows, moooooooo .

Was history , nothing pratically happened .
Chinese, nothing happened, graaah . It was soooo windy, made us all very sleepy D:
Recess . Unexpectedly, we sat infront of th teevee thing in canteen, & it was showing about th assembly thing . We bloodeeeh hell laughed & laughed again 😀
Literature + English = YAWNS ! Anws, we’re having out oral next tues -.- EEK! I hope i don’t get tested by Miss Quan, well i don’t know why too, hehehe .
Maths . Some monitor of ours made Miss Koh angry again . During her lecturing, i was like drawing on my maths worksheet, & it’s seriously memorisable -.-
LCE was pratically crap . Was about stress management thing, which it’ll sooooo not help , wasting our precious time D:

Hell’a ,

Minjun, i’m good ohkay . (:
Peanut is good to bully, hohoho ! Ahhh, peanut molested meimei, hahaha ! You’re seriously dumb, who want to draw on you la, LOL!
Rowena is not good to bully . Why ? Cus’ she pinch ! hahaha . Oh, i whacked her hand accidentally (x Admitally, i’m fast at pinching her (though i missed), but she’s just faster ! >:O
& lastly, ‘fate’ would not be so cruel to let you pinch me, it’ll let me hit you first, hahaha !
Which is Claris, which is Beaunice ?(x
My candles eh (:
Gaah, i almost hit on a lamp-post or pole or whatever you call it, while walking home -.-
& so, i shall stop here now, cyaa !

Cheryl ,