Heyy’a !

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, people!

Heeeh (: I don’t know why, but i somehow look forward to mid-autumn festival every year . It’s not like i like to drink chinese tea, or eat mooncake or whatsoever . Heeek, actually, i like pouring tea from thos china-teacup-like-thingy, burning off lanturns & not forgeting playing with candles 😀 It’s th best night ever, to me . heaheah . & of cus’, not forgetting th stories of mooncake festival, passed down in many generations, & told to us buy grandmamas, surprisingly, despite of hearing it repeatly almost every year, i quite enjoy it actually 😀
(i somehow thinks chang’er, th rabbit, th moon, & th bridge is sooo cool la !)
But somehow, this year’s mooncake festival is on th Sunday, which means no tonning over ): Well, actually had plans to ton over at people’s , but hope next year’s on th sat then (:

Haah, i’m quite’a saddist eh .
I somehw remembered about th Japanese cannibal told by one of our t’chers . & i’ve got nothing better to do, i went to search it . There was a story about a cannibal, how freaking disgusting, it describes how a cannibal feels & even a photo of … -.- Shall not remind myself about it though . eeek ! heeh, if you got nothing better to do, go search it too, wahahah !

I don’t know why, but EOY’s in 2 weeks time .
Time passes so fast, it’s gonna’ be another year gone again, so faaaast . It’s somehow like, th year has just started, & in a blink of an eye, it’s gonna’ end in afew more months .
Hmm, i haven’t been working hard, i admit, well although i tried, no motivations . But, i have been doing my homework though, not like bringing it to school to copy people’s 😀
Anws peeps, boredom caught me into reading . Seriously, i have no interest in books deeeh, well, i started reading a particular book when i’m bored, & i find e book kinda interesting 😀 heeh .

Anws, in awhile more, i’m going down to play 😀
Weell, its either i’ll be posting later or tml , so cy’aaa !