Heey peeps .
Yeah, my title ? 15 days to EOY . argh, time really waits for no one . How good it will be if time could stop [:

Remember, 7 years ago ?
Yes, 11 sep, 7 years ago was 911 terrorist . Today, for assembly, we watched this plane thingy, a plane that was hijacked . I didn’t know if th video is fake or real one at first, fake one duh -.-

You see, we did this hist test . heeh, loves Gerlissa . She helped me abit through, well, though i write quite little . Eeeeks, Mr Er sweeped our classroom while doing our hist test, LOL! Ehs, & he didn’t bother even if my fone was on th table, oh gosh, maybe we gotta’ learn to appreciate him xD
Eng ,
We got back our compo test, & i got 21. Minjun th pro, yet again scored th highest la ! 28 . Clapsclaps!*


Was maths then ,
Shucks, my MESURATION sucks like hell . Surface area, volume -.- Goshgosh, how ?! kays, i’m going to try all th work myself, rather then asking tuition teacher :DDD!
YAWNS* Super boring, bloodeyyyyy boring ! My chinese is deproving, gosh .

After that, dismissed [:
We went to foodcourt, me & mj brought ice cream from macs 😀 Hoho, minjun’s mudpie, eeeews! gahahaha ! Anws, we slacked tll ard 1.30
Met pinhan, yeap we were at kfc . supposing eating with some other people, we even got place choped . Oh well .. It’s ohkay luh [: Anws, Ph, you really very bad to Know Him lor . Even though it wasn’t his fault, he still bought chocolate to say sorry, aiyohs! gaaaaah, what am i gonna’ do with th chocolate ):
Anws, trained home with pinhan .

My eyes are better, thanks to mama wu wei bu zhi de zhao gu [:
& & minjun’s drawing HAHA !

Idon’tknow .