Hello people 😀
So, i’m back to posting , obviously someone is missing my t post again xD

I’ll talk about yesterday then .
Came to school with swollen eyes for no reasons ):
Hmm, assembly was bloodeh hell boring, slept .

Guess what ? i got 35/40 for chem test :DDD! know what, th highest in class is like 38 ? aiseh, so pro o.o! –> MINJUN!
Had volleyball . Damn suay leh . Was talking to Lina & turned around, BONG * The freaking volleyball hit my eyes sia ! gosh, it’s ready swollen & it turned FREAKING SWOLLEN .

see, so swollen!

Was recess & ended real fast .
English was next,
Ms quan didn’t come, Mr ong took over, gave us compre worksheet . haha, minjun went drawing on people’s hand, & draw on Germaine’s hand with marker, Peanut a ‘nicole shark’ HEEH :X
Was maths then, school ended [:

After lunch, Jenny briefed us, then left for th bus .
Heeeh, ‘kiasu’ ! Lmao, our clique rushed up th bus, in th end got th backseat, woohoo ! Anws, were listening to music, & camwhoring yo ! Ride was ard 20 mins .
-pictures will be up soon-

Heeh, coped people’s chocolate 😀 Anws, we were given plastic as glove & a bag, went off to ‘pick litter ‘ LOL . No, actually, we were cam whoring all th way please ! Since we stepped on th beach, we started drawing on th sand, & get beverly helped us to take pictures :D:D
Kay, we started to dig holes to find th ‘bottom of th sand’ . & what, missnai came over to scold us, lol ! After awhile, we were bored , went to playground to play , spoilspot came to ask us to pick leaves -.- Anws, like we did, we went to slack instead 😀 Then after that, we went to playground again . & we started to camwhore.
know what, we simply were called copycats . Yeah, so right, we copy what ? ello, who copied us first huh ?

kays, that was for ytd .

Today [:
Lessons were boring .
Lit, was zeep . History, copycopycopy . Nothing much .
Pooooor Lina ): She’s pregnant la, just kidding ! . Anws, she had stomach pain . Get well soon girl !
Anws, we lunched at macs . & this … , arh! nvm -.-
After that, Lina & Beaunice went off, th rest of us went to playground . After awhile, Claris went off with Jason . Lol, you know what th rest were thinking? So obvious {:
Went to library afterthat, had fun !
went home .

Guess i will end here .