Hello people !
Gahahaha, like how many times i’m complaining no money huh ? LOL .
Anws, t’day spells N-I-C-E ~ 😀

Morning woke up at 8.30 am .
Gosh, my beauty sleep D: Anws, yeah la, damn early right ):
Anws, met PH& XY at Kovan MRT & headed to Yoshinoya 😀 Went to buy food first, as was bloodeh hungry la ! ANDAND, i saw Ruijun & Pearlyn(sp?) . Haah, anws, Ivan came later . Was like, PH tio deesiao dao hen caaan . HAHA !

After that, we went superbowl!
Haaaw, it reminded me of me & Beaunice 😀 Th good old times, hur !
Anws, Me & PH didn’t bowl, so we were like watchhing Ivan & KH bowl as XY didn’t bowl either, haha . It’s like damn funny la, th way they bowl !
So anws, left 1t EXACTLY 12.50 pm -.- loool .

Went back Srg, met Gin 7 waited for that tortise . Then headed off to cityhall .
Okay first, went to hunt for MJ’s present . Went to th shop, & then stoned there . No idea which design to buyy eh ): Anws, decided on one & head to minitoons for Mei’s present . Went window shopping while waiting for Wilfred . Awwwh, someone had his hair cut, HAHA !
Anws, we sat a train to Vivo .

Reached vivo, headed to superdogs !
So while eating, thh retarded ass was disturbing me eh, we had a leg fight, hoho . Of cos’ i won la, hahahah ! Afterthat, headed to Push & bear to get Wilfred’s shoe . Then, went to th last level, th pet shop . HAHA, who’s th tortise eh ! Anws, th dogs there are bloodeeeh cute please [:
Then after that, we got nothing better to do . Stoned awhile & then went window shopping, gahahaha .

@ 6, left vivo & headed for Heartlandmall .
Ph kept asking th guys, as in those following me , to go away, lol ! as in, ask me ask them go away la . Then afterthat, met PH & XY and th rest, went to eat Pizza hut, & th guys who were with me went off .
Haah, another commotion of PH & KH’s deesiao ! They sat right opposite each other 😀 gahahaha ! it’s like, damn funny luh . So we ordered pizza, 2 pans. I ate like 1 piece of it only ? & drank a cup of pepsi, yeap that was my dinner ! & rights, th guys were joking away, while we were only laughing .

Afterthat, we went superbowl again . Yes, AGAIN . lool !
But sad to say, i gott’a leave, so we walked till th entrance & said byebye to xiuyuan & left . Haah, too bad we couldn’t stay later la hor, but nvm though ! & thanks Gin for pei me wait for my bus to come yarhs :D! haaah, anws, she dressed like she’s gonna celebrate chinese newyear, she wore till super red, HAHA !

love that lady !
today’s nice . First time actually going dinner with people IDK , lol !
Anws, got hit by pinhan many countless times, super hard ! & also afew times by XY leeh . Bullies ! wakakaks .
& hope to go out like this again somedays 😀
Anw, for a change ….
I got a new nerd-looking-on-me specs ! REALLY .
it’s like, HAHAH !

& personally, i like th pic below .
Not that i look nice or what -.- I like th photoshop effect ! haah, first time i did th photoshop thing so well . what ?! i’m a beginner please!
xoxo 😀