Hello people :DD

I’m a happy girl 😀
Know whyy ? Mrs Ang bloodeeh hell gave me back my phone 😀 Lol. It all happened during e morning …

J:”Cheryl, come here “
*Drags my feet & walk over*
J:”Why is your phone is with Mr Tan ?”
*gives sian diao look*
C:”Ai ya, he confiscated la” like duhh ? -.-
*Jenny call Christophe go over *
J:”Christophe, be my eye witness uh”
Christophe: oh, okay .
J:”Cheryl, You promise to don’t use handfone in class again uh .”
C:”Yeah yeah”
J:” I ask you to say la!”
* look blur* did she ask me to say ? -.-
C:*Repeated after her* & with crossed fingers :X

so… two word, DAMN HER !

Maths was next, miss koh came 30 mins late.
Duuuuh, we’re like so happy :X Appearently, she read th wrong timetable, HAHAHA !
Science was next, went to e bio lab .
Love t’day experiment yarhs ? We boiled e leaf (: But what i loved most th alcohol . I sniffed it yeah ? HEAHEA :X
Test again ?! Bloodeh, i hate history, yes, HATE . Anws, idk what was he talking about or whatsoever . Blaaah, so in th end just scribbled somethings on th paper uh .

Went LJS w/ MJ & Claris .
Then went back to school for oral (:
Damn, oral was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard , yes, VERY HARD ! I bao flunk it one lor ): ): ): Passage was like, idk how to read most of e words & stopped & stopped . Convosation was like, t’cher don’t give time to think what else we can say eh -.- Ayeeees, whatever la .
Anws, before our oral, th whole stage was like mad . Faith guys were disiaoing etc, & then we laughed freakin’ loud, played etc etc . & Best of all, slept on Kimberly 😀
After that, headed to Serangoon & slacked . haha (:
then went home ? yup .

blaaah, end here la .