Peopleee !
i don’t have mood to post t’day, so i’ll keep it real short .

This morning , i got a shock.
Was with Claris & Lina at th canteen, at first they were like sending things . So, i on-ed bluetooth to track whose bluetooth was on, & HAHA . -.- gosh .

PE ,
Relief t’cher . He looks like a monkey, seriously . Blaah, i’m so bad :X he made us run field + basketball court 3 times, but afew of us ran 2 times & sat down . He keep asking us to run, then we tell him we got gastrics eh (: But, like duuuh . He knows it’s fake .
Then went th fire drill .
hate it like hell , th field’s bloodeeeh damn lot’sa fly can ? & i almost died of heat stroke >.<

Recess was funny .
Ookay, it’ was like after recess actually . Beaunice piggyback-ed me all th way up to class :X Okay, it was suppeeerrr ubbeeeer funny mansxz .

D&T .
Yes, it flew away. T.T Thanks to, Gary tan -.- He sucks mansxz, come in th class only & start to confiscate my phone . Blaaah . Guess he was in a bad mood, & scold our class for th minor mistakes we made . Like, Jasper used his phone in workshop & he didn’t do anything ? Freaking biased . Anws, he passed my phone to Jenny ang luh , & thank god, i’m borrowing people’s phonee .
This Friday,
Think i gonna’ skip that crosscountry thing thing . Don’t feel like running, haha .
Anws, watched Meet Dave . It’was nice luh (:

till then ,