Gaaaah, such’a tiring day today [:

First, Happy Birthday to Cassandraa ! :D:D:D
aka, !kung bushwoman :X

Started th day by going up th oh-so-haunted class . Dno why, but i somehow felt i was uber early today ! & please, i was la . I went up to th classroom, to see that lights were off, windows& doors were closed . Sooo… I supposed that there’s people in th classroom as i heard SOME noise in th classroom, i opened th door & then on th lights . Ohmygosh , i totally freaked out la, when i saw no one in th class -.- Anws, met Lina & Claris down at th canteen after that [:

Damn bloodeeeh hell .
First period was like , hist . Yeap, test -.- Know what ? I gonn’a flunk my test . Blah, what to do ? Hist sucks mansxz, & i cannot understand anything that mr er’s rushing through la .
Anws, had other test was like, Lit UNSEEN poem test . & rights, Chinese zuo wen test . Blaaahaaaa, i gonna’ flunk all my test today, as my head’s totally blank today please ): JIU MING UH !

After school ,
As usual, went to MJ’s hse . Coped MJ’s 3 mentos + 1 fox sweet [:
Went to th complex . Weell, last lesson, yet didn’t bother to swim . haha , who cares la . out of 6 lessons i only attended 1 please . pro right ? i know ๐Ÿ˜€
Ate cup noodles w/ Beaunice & Claris . Chatted with Pinhan while Claris & Beaunice went off . Thurs, after oral, haha (: yeah Ph ?
Waited for MJ, & she walked me off to MRT ๐Ÿ˜€ & I HATE DRAGON FLIES !

xoxo (: