Happy Birthday to Matilda!
Hey dearest Crazy šŸ˜€ You’re 14 ready, so old ! tsktsk [: I’m so glad that god let me know you, & you’re such’a great crazy to me šŸ˜€ There’s more of gossiping, hugs, & meetup to come okay ? šŸ˜€ <3s you !

Oh hello people (:
It’s suucha’ boring day today ):
Anws, f.ucker don’t bother crtising me, i’m not so free to bother you . C’mon admit you’re jealous la .
& thanks friends šŸ˜€

Haah, i’ve been lazing ard, at th comp whole day . & my prediction came super true ! Once woke up, my whole body’s ready very suan rdy ): yes, VERY ! & i felt like some idiot walking ard like a tortise, like very shaaag . Aches here and there ): But, i feel much better now, though still aches (: ayeeees, i hate aches !

Went suntec today w/ family, cus’ daddy gonn’a brought us to swensen, so i die die also must drag my feed there to eat good food xD We saw fireworks anyways, YES, from th inside of suntec šŸ˜› Ain’t we pro ? W told me ass’s at suntec too , didn’t see tht ass, thought it was btr ;x
Anws, daddy super regret coming to suntec ! he didn’t know that there’s fireworks today, & imagine how hard was us trying to get our car out that stupid carpark mansxz!

Tomorrow there’s tuition .
Plus’ i gonna be at home AGAIN, study for my hist. & chem šŸ˜€ Such’a good lil girl is Cheryl huh ? :DDD & i’m like super bored right now la ! ):
Graaah, i regret missing JUMP, but i didn’t mean too, mummy didn’t allow me to go ):

xoxo .