Okay, lalala .
i got 74 for maths & 70 for science, deproved huh ?

Anws, afew more weeks to our EOY, fast huh ? Yeah, time’s going super fast now’adays, nooooo ): Time’s th most heartless thing on earth Dx
time waits for no man

Test going up, Mr Er’s super excited over our test, & chiong-ed throughout, like’a speedtrain -.- We freaking asked him to slower down & then he ‘okay okay-ed’ & like, no difference =.= “
define petty for me (: —> Titus issit? (or i forget who iss’it anws) & ahem*
Ahem*’s one heck of xiao qi gui {:
Yes, maths as BORING . Though i don’t really like maths lesson, i had to force myself to wake up, my math’s like, oh-so-suck, can’t really afford to sleep )x

After school ,
RAWRNESS, me & MJ went to eat KFC :D:D CHEESE FRIES ! Yes, i do love cheese fries, hurhur! Anws , we 2 ‘loners’ ate alone, while th rest didn’t follow, somehow they don’t like KFC ): Then, we chatted & chatted, & in search of Cassandra’s present . damn shyte, i’m pok liao la): — I’ve got PH’s, Cassandra’s, Minjun’s, daddy’s, &oh-i-forgot-who’s present to buy ! I’m gonna save up more 😀 & I IWLL . (try to ;x)
After that, we went library to slack 😀 Minjun’s a bookwormmy 😀 (i know you’re gonna kill me) . We read malay books, without knowing wth we’re reading about, & like, chanting prayers -.- Okay anws, so MJ followed me to MRT, & went to netball .

Blaaahaaah, i ❤ Da Jie :D:D:D
Okay, went home to take th cardi & went to meet Luoling da jie 😀 Omg, she grew friggin fast la ): Anws, we went to KampongPark’s(sp?) playground to slack, yes that was th place we used to hang out last time, of cus’ it left us many memories 😀 & places like central & BSCC . We chatted about last time, grrraaaah, i miss all of them ! Dx Anws, woah notty da jie, she watches hentai LOL ! & we promise for a meetup’ soon with ex clique 😀
Went off at 4.30 , went to my hse downstairs th playground to slack my own, cus’ didn’t feel like going back . Yes, i was 30 mins’ alone Dx Booohhhoooo .

so maybe that’s for now, i’ve STM . yeapyea, bye 😀
xoxo .