Hello people 😀

Gaaaaaaah, a sudden urge of blogging .
Anws, haha . Days were as common as ever .
Oh, & congrats to Singapore on getting a silver medal after 48 years 😀

Attend what effing course ? Manage my time for what, my time or your time ? I plan for time, i do what i like, your business uh ?

& idk what happen, well, i just wish that everything will be right soon ):

Okay finally, VIP in th hall after afew weeks . hurhur, kinda miss being in th hall, & that was randoooom (x VIP, th rated “sexiest” teacher conducted it . Was booooooring though .\
Anws, i finally understand th advantages of a handphone, hurhurhur .

First period, Science .
No practical today lur, & it’s like oh-so-boring please . Graaaah, chem test’s like afew more days.
Next was PE .
Actually, suppose to go to Punggol park to run, hurhur, but then th “rain signal” is on, so we didn’t , instead we stayed at school to play . Lol, timothy(not sure) broke th glass pane of AVA 2 siol, pro right ? haha . Anws, i don’t like playing with them, so instead me MJ & Lina was slacking aside, & i’m playing frisbee with my on (: .


Next was english .
English english, bloody boring . Anws, we did worksheet & some discussion lor .
Chinese ,
woah, siansxz, gona have another test soon -.-
madam Hayati came to our class today . Miss koh lesson suppose to be funner then ever, instead, i was falling asleep . or maybe i fell asleep -.- We even had paper plastic plate as our mini white board ? lol !
Our presentation sucks . XIASUAY ! Anws, i wonder why those setting th timetable, why does they have to put friggin 4 boring periods together ? ARGH .

Okay now, what i got for CA1 2 :
English – 68.9
Chinese – 72
omg, my language sucks la. unsatisfied , GRAAAh .

Me & Mj’s “oh-so-nice” art piece -.-

my oh-so-suck poem for lit .

anws, i feel so much better after my ranting 😀
xoxo .