privated my blog, for alot of reasons. Who cares if no one come’and tag or read?

Okay, so yarhs . Didn’t feel like blogging last few days, so yar, what can you do ? (: Rights, joking . i’m th best person on earth yeah 😀


Yeah, didn’t have dance yesterday . Slacked w/ Beaunice& Chloe (:
Went to eat, then cam-whored at library, & at PG etc .
no comments if Beaunice thinks i copy her ‘like blah blah’, but hor, you gotta know .. You’re not th only one saying it (; futhermore, you have no proof i copied you . So yarhs ..


Such’a boring day .
Oh rights, morning, had stomachache, didn’t intend to come to school . But, mummy insisted Dx So weeell, & i dragged my 2 bloodeh feet to school . haha ? .
Lesssons were abnormal as ever, oh-so-boring ! Oh, like miss koh didn’t come ytd & today , due to her course on . Weeell, but tml she’s coming back . Maths were as torturous(sp?) as ever lar, even though miss koh wasn’t here . Homework & homework ! friggin much -.-
Thought could get back hist. test today or smth, who knows, did not )x Weeeell, so many people is doing trojan horse as their proj . actually, only 2 groups la, haha . Okay, so our ‘birthday cake’ do rocks please 😀
Tomorrow, there’s english test, yucks ! Editing, cloze passage etc. EEEEEEEEEEEWS . Okay, that’s like ” to push up our CA marks ” Weelll, i guess it’s so not true la .

After school,
Ate with Jasper & Claris at LJS . Claris ah, i pok liao la ): I’m bugeted please, rmb, my plan ! save more for holidays narhs Dx Okay, but then grilled chicken was nice (;
Anws, chated & chatted . HAHA ! Oh & then pinhan came . She looked so emo, sms-ing . booooh . & Daryl and Rachael came, so i went home norhs . Jasper went back to school .

Tuition .
Haha, boring narhs ! Tuition rocks man, Rita teaches me homework, with humour 😀 Seriously, she’s like th best tuition teacher, at least better then my last 2 . Cute, like, was graph-ing marh, then after that, i was sleepy . So she asked me, what shape. Actually, a parrallelogram, i just shot out ” a retarded shape ” (:

http://clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=1&p=8&v=139 anws, look at this . Friggin funny 😀
That’s for now, i have nothing to post anymores .